St. John: Day 1

////St. John: Day 1

First things first: WOW! What an amazing island.

Carmela and I started our trip with zero sleep after we frantically packed for our trip. Luckily the flight and boat ride over was a breeze. When we arrived in St. Thomas we were greeted at the airport with live music, which if you ask me was pretty poppin. We arrived at Caneel Bay around 3 but it left us plenty of time to get the room, unpack, and do a little exploring around the grounds. Once you step off the boat it’s pretty hard to not say “Wow”. The grounds are extremely well taken care of and the landscaping is gorgeous. Crazy to think that this is a hidden treasure that many aren’t aware of. After a small tour of the immediate surroundings around our room, we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the water which again was nothing short of amazing. Although we didn’t know we were at one of the only public beaches on the grounds (Caneel Bay has 7 beaches just on their property alone… wild) the sounds of kids playing and light music in the background made it very relaxing. If this trend continues then we will have one heck of a trip. Stay tuned.

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